Fences will work

thoughts on the current immigration issue.


While I do passionately post, tweet and etc about 3rd wave feminism, there is another issue that eats at me internally. Immigration. Dare we speak about it without being called xenophobic? At this point, I don’t care if it offends anyone. It needs to be said.  No I am not afraid of foreigners, I am pissed off at what the peasant culture immigrants are doing to the country. There is a huge difference. Its not about hating the different colors of the world and anyone that says it is, is an ignorant, virtue signalling, bigoted hate monger. It is about protecting our citizens, its about protecting our way of life. The very same way of life that all these immigrants are pouring into our country to reap the benefits from but do not assimilate to.

We are living in a time that illegals are pouring in, getting, essentially, a free ride at that the tax payers expense and getting free passes to commit heinous crimes. Its disgusting how little the mainstream media is speaking about the facts of these cases, in particular the facts that the suspects are here illegally. As an example, in the Rockville rape case the headline should have been Illegal immigrants rape 14 year old girl in high school bathroom. That it the most accurate description of the case that you could hope for. Its to the point and highlights the important aspects. All you need to know about the situation is in that headline. But what is Maryland pushing for now in the wake of that horrific act by  illegal immigrants, who by the way were 17 and 18 years old in the same grade as the 14 year old freshman, they are now trying to force down on the people the notion that Maryland needs to be a sanctuary city. Let that sink in. Two illegal immigrants commit an absolute atrocity and state’s plan to fix it is to force the state to open itself up for more illegals to invade and destroy it.

Think about your children and the situation that you will be putting them in by allowing your community to be converted to a peasant culture. Where rape, pedophilia, honor killings, and genital mutilation among other things are not just acceptable behaviors but are common place socially. I get it, the Left uses the pity party card and because people don’t want to be viewed negatively and shamed by the Left so they just cower and step aside. It does not make you racist to question  a culture that is fundamentally different and is going to destroy the quality of life already sustained. Its has nothing to do with the their ethnicity, it is about their culture and protecting our own citizens.  When cities are becoming no go zones because the immigrant population has invaded and overrun  that city, there is a problem. When actual citizens cannot go to the next city over in their own country because it will put them in danger, that is a an issue. Why are these people who have no loyalty to the host country, do not contribute to the host country, are in reality stealing from the host country’s economy, and violating the legal citizens’ rights, given a higher status than the actual citizenry of the country?  We need to stop feeling guilty about what our ancestors did (may or may not have done I should say, because 1. over 90% of African people taken as slaves ended up in other countries, not colonial America and 2. Today there are perhaps around 5% of white Americans that have any sort of authentic ancestral quilt and 3. There was a population of black people owning black slaves as well) and allowing these peasant cultures to invade and overrun. Its like telling someone whose grandfather committed a crime that not only will their father need to go to prison for that crime, but they will have to go to prison and their children need to be put into prison for it as well. Its absurd to continue following that narrative that we some how owe these cultures anything, and quite frankly I would think the black community would be more against the mass flooding of immigrants that are trying to cash in on the tragedies that historically that community had endured.

There is also now an issue where business are getting fined for trying to verify the legal status of potential employees. Let that marinate for a minute. You will be fined for trying to hire an actual citizen or legal immigrant. These influxes of low wage, unskilled workers are polluting the economy. It is simply a matter of supply and demand when you look at the impact of the immigration issue on the economic market. You want higher wages but that is never going to happen with the over saturation of low wage workers. Wages will naturally rise if the demand for workers increases. The only people that are being helped by the low wage immigrant worker are the super wealthy because they don’t have to pay real wages to those workers. They get the work done for dirt cheap and that money they didn’t spend on those workers stays in their pockets. Then what little money they do pay these workers, doesn’t go back into the U.S., no a substantial portion is sent back to the home country to the workers families. Economically, they are destroying American industry.

We need to protect the values and ideals that make America the country that it is and we need to protect our citizenry. Look at Europe right now and the tragedy that those countries are becoming. London in a state of mourning right now after the islamic terrorist attack. That is becoming common place where immigrants who have no value or respect for the host country. The Left is trying to lead us down that path. We must not be fooled by the rainbows and butterflies they try to paint “multiculturalism” out to be, what that means is we are going to end up looking like Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela, etc. I love ethnic diversity but what the Left is trying to push onto the American people is not that. It’s a third world country waiting to happen.



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