“rape” culture

show some class and cover your snatch


I truly believe we are reaching the pinnacle of hypocritical lunacy. For instance we are inundated with this idea that we are living in a rape culture but at the same time we are told that we should be forced to allow penises into girl’s restrooms/locker rooms. Because that’s going to help combat their rape culture? We are not in a rape culture here in the west. Rapist get punished, they lose their jobs, and no one is praising anyone for being a rapist. The only problem as a society that we have when it comes to rape is that people who are convicted do not receive enough time being punished. How about instead of walking around naked holding up a sign, contact your representatives and ask for harsher penalties.  Also, regret is not a form of rape. Just because you’re conceptually challenged and chose to have sex with someone and then regretted it later, does not make that person a rapist.  It makes you an idiot and you are devaluing victims that actually suffer from really being raped. Yes, rape is bad and those people who are actually sexually assaulting others need to not only be punished but should face harsher punishments. Perhaps we should also stop idealizing these celebrities who consistently objectify women and drugs? Maybe that would be a more effective way to change the way we socially view men and women, instead of blaming this conspiracy theory of patriarchy.

And I’m sorry but not sorry, cat calling is not a form of rape. Having different opinions isn’t a form of rape. Looking at someone isn’t rape, accidently brushing up against someone’s arm while moving past them isn’t rape. Its lunacy and it needs to stop. These people are glorifying a sexually explicit culture but then when someone looks at them and they don’t like it, all of a sudden they are being raped. I often times wondering as they ranting and raving at their rallies and “slut walks” if they ever actually listen to the words coming out of their mouths. The one in five girls will be raped is not a valid statistic and if the sexual assaults on prison inmates were included into the mainstream statistics, more men are being raped than women. But you don’t see the feminists out there protesting in front of prisons. You can’t purposefully walk around with your boobs and vag hanging out and then complain that people are sexually idealizing you. Show some class and cover your snatch.  I fully intend on delving deeper into this topic and how it correlates with the breakdown of the traditional family values/ system. This is more of a preview rant, to a much larger rant that will follow

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