OSU hosts “Islamophobia”talk in light of the November 2016 shooting

OSU hosts lecture insinuating that student are Islamophobic after November 2016 shooting


I recently read an article today that was put out by reagancoalition.com in regards to an upcoming lecture event being held at OSU where they are going to have author Nathan Lean lecture the students about the “pernicious phenomenon” of Islamophobia. I have also seen stories on TheBlaze, the Daily caller, The Gateway Pundit, The College Fix, and so on. This is absolutely atrocious. Abdul Razak Ali Artan basically drove his car into a crowd of people with the sole intent of running over people, then proceeded to get out of the car and start stabbing people. According to Artan’s Facebook account, the attack was done in “dismay” of U.S. “interference” in other countries, so one can infer that the attack itself was done in the name of Islam as a terrorist attack. To add to that, the Islamic state also then claimed responsibility. Now, there has been no official record that Artan had legitimate ties with the Islamic state but it is not out of line to suggest that while he may not have been official affiliated, he was acting on their behalf in way that they have encourage via video.

So to be clear, now OSU is having a lecture that is described by OSU office of international affairs as “In recent years, prejudice towards and discrimination of Muslims has reached a fevered pitch. Beyond blatant physical attacks or acts of vandalism, polls show that negative sentiment towards the followers of Islam runs deep, and has manifested itself in a range of ways. In an evening discussion that addresses this pernicious phenomenon, author Nathan Lean discusses its causes, its consequences, and highlights some of the underlying dynamics that have animated it in recent history” which will take place in Knowlton Hall. I will not claim that in the whole of the world that there is not some racism or hateful behavior because there is but to say that the OSU students are Islamophobic after these events is ridiculous.  The very definition of a phobia per the Merriam-Webster dictionary is an exaggerated, usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation. These students are not illogically afraid of a hypothetical situation that may happen, this situation did happen and if any student has fears in regards to it, those fears are justified. In fact there are interviews that have been done in light of news of the lecture and the underlying message is that the students are not so much afraid of Muslims or Islam but instead that the fear that may be present is more for the administration than anything else.

The Daily Caller had stated that “There would seem to be considerable fear at OSU — but not of Muslims. The College Fix found one student willing to talk about alleged “Islamophobia” at the university but only on the condition of anonymity because he said he feared being punished by the OSU administration for his frankness.

“I will spout off about any other topic, but OSU has made it clear that this topic is untouchable,” he told the student news service. “I feel as a student at a public institution that I am being silenced. If I am a free thinker I should be allowed to question Islam, its writings, its prophet, and teachings just like fundamentalist Christian values are questioned everyday here at OSU. This does not promote dialogue but rather writes everyone right of the aisle off as the potential perpetrators of hate crimes.”

This just really outlines this agenda of leftist victimization. Artan made clear the reason for what he intended to do, committed a terrorist attack, and injured several people. But now, the rest of the student body is being made the perpetrators of the situation, accused of being Islamophobic, and Artan is now somehow the victim. No, sorry not sorry that is not how any of this should work. Artan was not the victim and the student body should not be allowed to be drawn down into this deranged cycle of victimization. Its lunacy and the administration of OSU should be ashamed themselves. The student that The College Fix interviewed had it right, this type of attitude opens absolutely no dialogue. It’s more apparent that students that do not share the administrations’ view point are afraid of exercising their right to free speech.  The director and assistant director of the Middle East Studies Center at OSU, Alam Payind and Melinda McClimans would not comment when specifically asked if OSU had any reports or evidence that any Muslims had suffered discrimination or prejudice. Interesting, so no actual reports of this alleged Islamophobia can be provided but clearly it must exist because a foreign born person committed terrorist attacks, in the name of Islam, injuring several people but because he was a member of a “victimized” group the people he victimized are not actually the victims. They are the bad people and the terrorist is the victim. Makes complete sense.



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